The Town of Brinevale

Brinevale is a mining town surrounded to the north, east, and south by the area known as the Cairn Hills. Ruins from various ages past have been found there and plundered. Nothing new of any worth has been found in generations.

The mines pull iron and silver from the earth to be shipped via the western river-port to Arathis. The area draws those seeking riches in the form of either a new vein of minerals or a new section of ruins. Few locals pay much attention to tales of yet-undiscovered tombs and unplundered burial cairns.

Hundreds of laborers spend up to weeks at a time underground breathing via magical systems worth many times more than their combined annual salary, themselves nothing more than disposable chattel – something the supervisors don’t let them forget. The work is demanding and dangerous, but the town is a refuge over the unprotected wilds, and ‘honest work’ in Brinevale is the last step before debtor’s prison (or for some, they are assigned work to pay off their debts – these workers are worse off again, with even less relative power to their employers due to no legal option to quit).

Nevertheless there are some shining lights in Brinevale. Many people are honest, hardworking folk, and though difficult, it is possible for an enterprising and lucky soul to rise above their ‘class’ in Brinevale. There is also very little squabbling among the races – the peoples of Brinevale are diverse, having come from many cultures and geographical areas, some from ancestors seeking fortune, some as refugees from wars… but even if there are differences they know they are all together against the harshness of their existence.

Districts and Organizations

The miners are paid little, and the little they do make generally goes to The Vein, the area of town where the brothels, taverns, and gaming houses reside. In actual fact, The Vein makes up for almost all the commercial activity within Brinevale.

Though a sort of outpost of the Library of Ioun exists in the town, those who work there and spend their time studying the ‘old rocks’ in the hills are generally disregarded by most of the townsfolk, and tend to be outsiders, even those who have lived in the town for years.

Residential areas vary from the merchant-class and nobles running the town and mines(very nice) to the middle-class running taverns and smaller businesses, to the residences of the miners themselves, which are in some places shanty-type constructions, with lucky ones living in barracks style arrangements owned by their company.


Governor-Mayor (name) and Sheriff(name) both known openly for their corruption


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