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The Coming Age

For years, treasure-seekers have been combing the caves that riddle the hills nearby the village of Brinevale, ever since the miners that founded the town found a few tombs filled with riches. But it’s been generations since anybody actually found anything. Now, the only thing coming from the hills is due to the iron-mining work the town was originally placed for.

Every now and then, somebody shows up in the town thinking they’ve got a clue about the mysterious ruins, and start their own search over again. Common wisdom is the let them at it, jack the prices up according to how annoying they get, and let the kids make a bit of money as ‘guides’ among the hills.

The newest group has come seeking treasure, but this time they seem serious: they’re big time adventurers and town gossip is that they really do expect to find something big. They’ve hired some kids and gone to the set of caves along the coast to the southeast: about a three day ride.

But you’ve received a message from a friend saying that they’ve come across some information, and if they’re right, there’ll be enough profits to get you both set living large. All you have to do is meet them at an abandoned mine within a days ride north, and “come prepared”.

Main Page

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